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To support our association SOURRIRE, for those who do not wish to subscribe to the prize pool we also have a bank account. Thank you for your support

LU27 0030 0190 6890 0000

SOURRIRE asbl (SOUtien between Residents and Refugees through Integration, Respect and Self-Esteem) was created with the aim of energizing and strengthening links between human beings in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Indeed, each of us goes through difficult life events at times that create loss of self-confidence, isolation and negative affects.

With our association we want to restore people's smile and joie de vivre by organising solidarity events, cultural outings, evenings of exchanges of the world and solidarity meals.

If you want to contribute to your collective well-being on your scale, you can help us fund our dream and help suffering people regain their balance.

To contribute two ways:

either on the leetchi prize poolhttp://www.leetchi.com/c/sourrire

directly in our bank accountLU27
0030 0190 6890 0000

This will help us fund a place of sharing and also a position for a person in charge of welcoming and offering a humane, dignified and comforting listening to all in need.

No matter the language, religion, age and culture, Sister will smile at you.

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